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Since its establishment, Zhangjiagang SuperSpeed Supply-Chain Management Co.,Ltd. has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient supply chain recyclable logistics packaging solutions for the production, manufacturing, processing and distribution industries, based on the market and continuous improvement. Focusing on the supply chain logistics packaging cycle sharing of large-scale processing manufacturing and commercial distribution services, the assets of recyclable packaging, turnover boxes and logistics equipment and equipment in the operation and management supply chain make these assets cycle between enterprises and regions. The use and sharing of sharing, the standardization of packaging logistics, containerization unitization, and operation and transportation are consistent, and effectively solve the problems of all aspects of the cleaning, transportation and management of recyclable packaging in the process of material distribution of auto parts enterprises. . In turn, customers are more focused on the production of their own products, greatly improving work efficiency.   

With innovation as our soul, we continue to upgrade our processes, technologies and standards. We provide our customers with professional, customized and value-added products and services through continuous improvement and endless innovation. Satisfaction. Advocate the spirit of craftsmanship, stay focused, meticulous, polished, and refined. We pursue the ultimate and constantly surpassing, with the goal of “zero defect, zero waste, zero delay, zero complaints”, promote the upgrading and transformation of supply chain, reduce consumption and increase efficiency; improve logistics efficiency, save resources, reduce costs, and truly create for customers. Value, to achieve multi-win.

In the future development, the speed supply chain management will cooperate with new and old customers from all walks of life with high-quality service, work together, develop together and create a better future!