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Packing Lease

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One. lease management service

a. Single cycle mode:b. Dual/multi-cycle mode:

c. Convection mode:d. Sharing mode:

Second, container tracking service

Positioning and Tracking Integrated System RFID Location Display:

Serialized product data, product master data, asset tracking, supply chain visualization, temperature management.

RFID technology is fast, accurate, and captures data:

The intelligent tracking platform can meet the information needs of current and future factories. Each packaging container can quickly obtain information data through the gantry antenna or handheld terminal by integrating LELS smart RFID tags.

Third, cleaning services

After the parts are unloaded, the empty containers are collected, cleaned, and inspected by the nearest rental service in preparation for re-issuing the containers. For sustainable and healthy appliance management systems, you can reduce material losses and logistics costs, allowing you to focus on your core business, reduce administrative management, and avoid capital investment.

Cleaning humanized services:

According to the customer's notice, the empty container is transported and the parts are transported to the main engine factory. The empty container of the main engine factory is returned to the rental service center for collection, cleaning and inspection. The health cycle is developed by delivering high quality clean packaging containers according to supplier needs. Figure: Mechanical analysis

Fourth, the integration of transport and package

The sustainable and healthy development of transportation and package integration can not only reduce logistics costs and losses, but also save intermediate links in time for supply and recovery, finishing and maintenance, and warehousing. Reduce the regular integration of capital investment. In order to provide high quality clean packaging containers for customers at all times.

Fifth, the packaging program optimization

The best choice for long distance transportation:

It can save 40-70% of the total cost, can be made of spilled, lightweight plastic materials after one year, save transportation costs, save storage area and return space ratio transportation cost, fold back space ratio can reach up to 1:7 (usually 1:5)

Sixth, customer customized service

Carrying customers to provide customized services for customers: packaging design, planning and forecasting management, packaging procurement, packaging requirements and distribution of supply chain packaging, asset tracking, recycling management, cleaning and maintenance distribution services, supply chain holding packaging inventory monitoring .

Seven, logistics lean planning

Logistics diagnosis improvement and planning design, logistics overall packaging design, comprehensive packaging management services, one-stop logistics services