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Hangzhou Ford Packaging Technology Solution

One. Introduction of service scope

Plastic PackagingIron packaging

a. Mode change

b.Packaging repurchase and management

 Repurchase the plastic packaging purchased by the supplier and carry out unified processing and integration

 Unified centralized management of all repurchased plastic packaging

c . Packaging repurchase (basic principle)

 Repurchase unit price = packaging market price / packaging depreciation time * unused time

 Repurchase quantity = the actual number of inventory on both sides

a . Mode change

b.Packaging management and maintenance

 Implement unified operation management for iron packaging purchased by suppliers

 Centralized maintenance of iron packaging purchased by suppliers

Two, the overall packaging operation design

a、Design principles: master planning, step-by-step implementation

b、Design ideas: Develop overall solutions through process optimization, resource integration, and informationization

c、Packaging project overall business process

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