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Standard packaging adds "gas" to the "green logistics"

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Standard packaging adds "gas" to the "green logistics"

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Economic Daily - China Economic Net Beijing February 23 (Reporter Guo Jingyuan) In recent years, with the explosive development of the e-commerce industry, the express logistics link is accompanied by a large number of "white garbage" pollution and resource waste of non-degradable packaging materials. problem. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee recently released a new revised series of "Courier Packaging Supplies" series of national standards. According to the reduction, greening and recyclable requirements, the relevant aspects of the original standards have been supplemented and improved. The content can be described as bright spots.

In order to prevent damage during transportation, express delivery is often wrapped in layers before starting. According to the Deputy Director of the Testing Center of the Postal Science Research Institute, Ning introduced that the express packaging materials mainly include express waybill, envelope, carton, label sticker, plastic bag, bubble film, air column bag, foam plastic, tape and so on. Most of these materials are not easily decomposed naturally, and they are harmful to the environment whether they are disposed of by landfill or incineration.

According to the "2013 China Express Delivery Green Packaging Development Status and Trend Report" issued by the State Post Bureau, in 2016, the national express delivery consumed about 3.2 billion woven bags, 6.8 billion plastic bags, 3.7 billion packaging boxes and 330 million rolls. tape. Correspondingly, the overall recycling rate of packaging waste in China is less than 20%, of which less than half of the carton is recycled; the plastic content of fillers, tapes and other plastics in express packaging has a recovery rate of almost zero. How to regulate express packaging and garbage disposal has become a difficult problem to be solved in today's society.

Extreme speed logistics packaging

It is worth noting that the new version of the national standard clearly stated for the first time that “the courier package should use biodegradable plastics” and increase the biodegradability requirements. "The plastic bags we use now need 200 years to achieve degradation under natural conditions, and biodegradable plastic express bags can be degraded by more than 90% in half year by composting. If the temperature and humidity are suitable, they can all be degraded into carbon dioxide within 1 year. And water." said Ning.

"The series of national standards released this time, the most influential to the enterprise is the biodegradable plastic packaging bags." Ning told reporters that the use of biodegradable plastic packaging bags, the cost of the existing packaging bags more than twice the cost of the current biological There are still some bottlenecks in the production capacity of degradable plastic packaging bags. "If all courier bags are changed to biodegradable plastic bags, the demand will far exceed the capacity. At that time, we hope to encourage the competent enterprises to try first through the guidance of the new national standard. Minimize damage to the environment."

The recycling of express garbage and the promotion of green packaging for express delivery are complex system projects, and it is also necessary to gather wisdom and synergy. In fact, some express delivery companies have already taken the lead. During the "Double Eleven" period last year, major well-known e-commerce companies have launched shared express boxes, revolving express bags, or launched express carton recycling services. There are 13 cities across the country that use shared courier boxes. The shared courier box can be used for more than 2,000 cycles per cycle, saving about 10 trees of 10 years old.

In order to speed up the development of green logistics and promote urban and rural environmental protection, the speed logistics package promotes the sharing of express boxes. In addition to curbing excessive packaging and saving trees, it is more important to accelerate the development of green logistics and promote urban and rural environmental protection. At the same time, the new national standard has also increased the requirements for the use of express envelopes twice. Under the premise of meeting the standards, the express package can be reused. For different express packaging products, recyclable signs, reusable signs or plastic product marks should be printed separately for easy recycling.

“Actively applying low-pollution, low-consumption, low-emission, high-efficiency, high-efficiency, high-efficiency green packaging products has become an inevitable requirement for promoting the healthy development of the express delivery industry.” Ning said that the new national standard also strengthened the reduction. Requirements: On the one hand, reduce the quantitative requirements of the express envelope paper, the thickness requirements of the plastic film express package; on the other hand, the choice of the single and double corrugated materials of the express package is no longer stipulated, as long as the material meets the resistance, Indicators such as side pressure and puncture strength can be used.

“In 2017, the national express delivery industry has completed 40.06 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 28%. The corresponding use of express package products is still huge. Under the new development situation, the standards need to be revised to better meet the needs of green express development.” Ning said that the new version of the national standard will be implemented on September 1, 2018, and will play an active role in regulating the production, use and testing of express packaged products.

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