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How to reduce the overall cost of customer packaging

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How to reduce the overall cost of customer packaging

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      When it comes to how to reduce the cost of packaging, many people will think of lowering the purchase price of packaging, and think that the price of packaging is the cost of packaging. It is precisely because of this misunderstanding of ideas that the concept of the comprehensive cost of ultra-fast logistics packaging is neglected.

      The comprehensive cost of packaging is not equal to the cost of packaging. The comprehensive cost of packaging is divided into packaging cost, packaging use cost and packaging management cost.

      The cost of the package refers to the price of the package, which includes the cost of the package material, the manufacturing cost of the packaging company, and the profit of the enterprise. This part of the cost is the direct cost of packaging, which is the dominant cost that people can see, but

This is only part of the cost of icebergs floating on the water, and two-thirds of the hidden costs are hidden under the icebergs. Such as the cost of packaging operations, loss of compensation, and the increase in transportation and storage costs due to unreasonable packaging, etc.

     The cost of packaging use, and product loss, delivery loss, packaging purchase cost, etc. caused by packaging belong to packaging management costs. Another example is the reduction in storage area, the increase in value, the reduction in product breakage rate,

     The reduction in packaging specifications and the improvement of management efficiency are all improvements in packaging efficiency.

Extreme speed logistics packaging

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