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The speed supply chain tells you the modern significance of logistics packaging

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The speed supply chain tells you the modern significance of logistics packaging

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First, how to reduce the cost of logistics packaging,

1. Reduce the packaging volume and increase the storage capacity.

2. Harvesting and recycling repeatedly use access packaging.

3. Reduce the weight of the package itself.

4. Reasonable management of the packaging system,

5, regular maintenance inspection bad repair, scrapped and timely replacement.

6. Calculate the actual usage and purchase the exact quantity of plastic crates.

Extreme speed logistics packaging

Second, how to choose logistics packaging plastic crates

1. Use recycled packaging series,

2. Use environmentally friendly circulating packaging series,

3, using a foldable packaging series,

4. Use light weight packaging series,

5, using a full capacity packaging series,

6, using a durable packaging series,

Third, why plastic crates have become the most modern series

1. The hoard box has good high temperature and low temperature performance.

2, the hoard box has a good folding and recycling function

3, the hoard box has a strong pressure and deformation resistance

4. The hoard box has a good bearing capacity with extremely high self-weight and light weight.

5, the hoard box adopts three parts of the combined structure of the body can be replaced one by one without the need for worse overall

6, the price of plastic crates is relative to the price of iron boxes, long-term repeated use compared to wooden boxes, cartons, injection boxes, and other cost savings.

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