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Packaging and transportation are more environmentally friendly

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Packaging and transportation are more environmentally friendly

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[China's environmental protection online industry dynamics] The rise of online shopping and the booming express delivery industry cannot stop the pace of environmental protection. As a result, the concept of “green logistics” swept the e-commerce and logistics industries, ushered in a faster environmental transformation. Innovation in environmentally friendly materials, reduction in express packaging, and clean storage and transportation have all become the general trend.

The rise of the express delivery industry along with e-commerce has ushered in a golden period of development, but the problem of express garbage has caused environmentalists to worry. Immediately, the country began to pay attention to the green development of the entire logistics industry. Ten ministries and commissions issued a document requesting the accelerated promotion of green packaging. The State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Coordinated Development of E-Commerce and Express Logistics" and proposed the concept of green development of e-commerce and logistics.


This is enough to show that the policy has begun to tilt towards green express and green logistics, and advocates reduction, environmental protection and recycling. At present, some e-commerce and express delivery companies have taken the lead in exploring green transformation. In the past 2017, the development of “green logistics” is worthy of praise.


The Ministry of Commerce selected 32 cities, and more than 280 enterprises launched green logistics pilots. The State Post Bureau also selected 8 provinces and cities and 5 enterprises to carry out pilot projects for express green packaging. Moreover, China Express Association will also join dozens of companies and platforms to set up express green packaging alliance, rookie, Jingdong, "three links and one" have taken many actions.


Extreme speed logistics packaging

Throughout 2017, the development of green logistics witnessed the establishment of China's first logistics environmental protection public welfare fund. The speed logistics packaging focused on promoting express packaging innovation and transportation emission reduction. In the future, the Rookie Green Alliance plans to invest 300 million yuan to vigorously promote research on various issues in green logistics and green supply chains.


In 2017, the proportion of degradable green packaging increased significantly. The shared express box was transferred between major cities. The eco-bag began to replace the traditional woven bag. The smart logistics turned to the solution of “oversize and over-package” and “over-packaging”. For example, the intelligent packaging algorithm developed by the rookie network can save 100,000 trees and equivalents of supplies in a single day.


Just like Suning Logistics, it has just released a “zero-adhesive carton”. With pure physical mechanics, it is not necessary to seal the tape. “Demolition is like opening a can.” This kind of carton can greatly reduce the amount of tape used, and the “environmental sealing buckle” design optimizes the user experience in practical applications. Moreover, the courier box can be delivered immediately, and the cost is lower than that of the ordinary carton.


Of course, there are also logistics vehicles that gradually phase out high-emission fuel vehicles, tricycles, and instead distribute electric vehicles to ensure full coverage of green. The addition of new energy vehicles effectively links the transportation of green logistics, greatly improving the cleanliness of sorting, transshipment, delivery, etc. This trend has become irreversible.


Just as Jingdong Logistics has already launched more than 700 new energy vehicles in Beijing, the green Jingzi license plate is particularly eye-catching. At present, all Jingdong self-operated trucks entering and leaving Beijing have been completely replaced, with no noise and zero emissions, and an average daily reduction of more than 40 kilograms of carbon emissions. It is estimated that the annual emission reduction will be more than 10,000 tons.


Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba, said that the future express industry would say that “fast” guarantees no loss and “green” can win. The development of green logistics by Chinese e-commerce and logistics companies is becoming a new bright spot and has won praises from many consumers. In the era of “pursuing quality and increasing efficiency”, the policy standards for green logistics are constantly improving, and the reform and innovation for green logistics is also constantly strengthening.


Li Xiaobo, a representative of Tianjin Municipal People's Congress, made a proposal to speed up the development and promotion of express delivery boxes and promote packaging recycling. At the same time, formulate local standards, improve financial support, and strengthen scientific and technological means to create a "green express."


Zou Zhenqiu, member of the Jiangsu Provincial Political Consultative Conference, also said that it is necessary to increase the research and development of new environmentally friendly materials, set up recycling bins at the express delivery site, and take the word "tube" to promote the green development of the entire industrial chain.


Industry experts said that in the construction of the green ecological chain of e-commerce logistics, we must pay attention to the efficient use of resource intensification. On this basis, emphasis is placed on promoting green packaging, overcoming the problem of excessive packaging, achieving reductions, and improving the system of responsibility extension. At the same time, green transportation can not be ignored, and the clean transportation mode replaced by new energy vehicles should increase the proportion as soon as possible.

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