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Packaging logistics lease meets the requirements of container unit operation

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Packaging logistics lease meets the requirements of container unit operation

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In today's logistics industry, the pursuit of efficient transportation, the Internet, efficient transportation and containerized unit operations have become an indispensable factor, and the weakest part of this is the assembly unit operation. To solve this problem, we must first solve The purchase and use of logistics equipment, packaging logistics leasing model has undoubtedly become an effective way for enterprises to reduce costs and promote efficient logistics. Below we will use the advantages of metal logistics box leasing to explain to everyone to choose the logistics box for reference. .

First of all, leasing is the use of logistics boxes in large quantities, which is already cost-saving. The selection of metal logistics boxes is far better than the selection of pallets. The assembly performance of logistics pallets is much worse than that of logistics boxes. The materials are bundled in order to load the goods securely, but the goods wrapped around the film are less resistant to impact and climate change than metal logistics boxes.

Packaging logistics leasing

Secondly, the choice of removable metal logistics box is better than the ordinary metal logistics box. The disassembled metal logistics box is ergonomic and has a frame positioning. It is easy to disassemble and stack, and it is more convenient and quick to use.

Then, choose a lightweight disassembly metal logistics box to save money in terms of fuel consumption, freight, etc., which has accumulated over the years and can save the company many times of overhead.

For the technical requirements of metal logistics boxes, there are usually some points: they are designed with a pair of feet, convenient for handling and stacking in the warehouse, welding requirements for pre-weld cleaning, sandblasting or pickling phosphating to remove metal surfaces Surface impurities such as rust, oil, liquid, etc., in addition, surface anti-rust treatment should be done, the specific order is pretreatment (rust removal, degreasing, etc.) → sanding → antirust paint → topcoat. After the primer is made of anti-corrosive paint, the outer surface is all painted. The universal metal tote has an error of ±5mm for all length, width and height dimensions. Control must be strictly controlled in all process manufacturing processes.

Finally, the service life of metal logistics boxes is mainly affected by three aspects of steel raw materials, welding process and forklift handling loss. The main steel products are Q235, which are qualified products of domestic large-scale steel mills. Welding products cannot contain welds, undercuts, pores, and The two points of penetration and other defects must be strictly required by the supplier.

In summary, the choice of packaging logistics leasing, its "carriage unitization, structural disassembly, weight, weathering, wide-area, long-term life" five requirements, one can not be less, otherwise it will Let your efforts in efficient logistics all go to waste.

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