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What types of logistics boxes can be classified according to performance?

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What types of logistics boxes can be classified according to performance?

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What types of logistics boxes can be classified according to performance?

    1, stackable turnover box:

Wooden box logistics packaging stackable logistics box features:

The new integrated barrier-free handles on all four sides of the cabinet are ergonomic and easy for the operator to grab the cabinet more effectively and safely, making the handling more comfortable and convenient. The smooth inner surface and rounded corners add strength and ease of cleaning. Card slots are designed on all four sides of the cabinet, and easy-to-load plastic card holders can be installed as needed. The bottom is designed with dense small square ribs that run very smoothly on the turret or raceway, making it easier to store and sort. The bottom is matched with the positioning point of the box mouth, and the stack is stable and not easy to fall over. Barcode bits are reserved on the four sides of the cabinet to facilitate the sticking of permanent barcodes and effectively prevent falling off. The four corners are specially designed with strong ribs to improve the load carrying capacity of the box and the stability during stacking. Optional flat box cover, and optional metal hinges, handles and other accessories.

    2, plug-in turnover box

    3, folding turnover box

Plastic turnover box

Folding turnover box features:

The product size error of the folding turnover box is ±3%, the weight error is ±3%, the sidewall deformation rate is ≤1%, the plane deformation of the box bottom is ≤5mm, and the diagonal variation rate of the box body is ≤1%, which is within the allowable range of the enterprise standard. Adapt to ambient temperature: -25 ° C to +60 ° C (try to avoid sun exposure and close to heat sources). All products can be processed into antistatic or conductive products according to customer requirements.

    4, Wantong board turnover box and other major types.

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