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The meaning and significance of rationalization of logistics transportation

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The meaning and significance of rationalization of logistics transportation

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The rationalization of logistics and transportation is to ensure the quality of transportation throughout the transportation process under the premise of ensuring the reasonable flow of materials, and to transport the goods to the destination with appropriate transportation means, minimum transportation links, best transportation routes and minimum transportation costs. . Its significance is reflected in the following aspects: First, the rationalization of logistics and transportation, speed logistics packaging can make full use of transportation capacity, improve transportation efficiency, promote the rational division of labor of various modes of transportation, and meet the national economy in a timely manner with minimal social transportation labor consumption. Transportation needs.

Extreme speed logistics packaging

Secondly, the rationalization of logistics and transportation can make the goods take the most reasonable route, and at the shortest link, take the shortest mileage to reach the destination in the shortest time, thus speeding up the circulation of goods, which can supply the market in time and reduce the material department. The circulation costs, accelerate capital turnover, reduce cargo damage, and achieve good social and economic benefits. Once again, rationalization of logistics and transportation can eliminate all kinds of waste in transportation, improve the quality of goods transportation, give full play to the efficiency of transportation tools, and save transportation capacity and labor. Otherwise, unreasonable transportation will cause a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources to be wasted, and correspondingly transferred and added to the product, artificially increase the value of the product, increase the price of the product, thereby increasing the burden on the demand side.

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