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Turnover iron box

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Turnover iron box

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Detailed introduction

Turnover iron box

Iron box: An iron rectangular packaging container made of a steel plate, square tube or angle iron mixed material.

Iron boxes are widely used in manufacturing processing enterprises, product warehouses, logistics and storage centers, etc., and are an important part of modern logistics storage equipment. The iron box has various forms of structure, is convenient and flexible to use, and has strong carrying capacity. Iron boxes can usually be stacked on each other, or they can be moved in the area with forklifts, or casters can be installed at the bottom, and they can also be lifted, displaced, and dropped.

The bottom of the steel iron box is made of frame-type rigid structure and is welded by steel panels and steel legs.

The upper four side panels of the box iron box are welded with high quality corrugated plates or flat plates.

The upper part of the net iron box is welded with the same high quality cold drawn steel wire and high quality profile as the storage cage.

The surface treatment of the iron box adopts shot blasting technology, which can better remove rust and oil, eliminate the problem of sewage pollution caused by pickling phosphating in the past, and more comply with environmental protection requirements, which is conducive to the export of steel iron box. In the later stage, the 180 degree high temperature spray baking technology is adopted to make the product look neat, beautiful and durable. The size of the iron box can be made according to the actual requirements of the customer's products. When purchasing the iron box, the external dimensions of the product to be placed should be considered. The maximum load of the design should meet the requirements for use and whether it is used for storage or for turnover, whether it needs to be stacked, etc. Several aspects.

Iron boxes are usually designed according to the actual needs of customers.

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